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Professional novel writer

Heinz was the best boxing book ever written and one of the greatest novels of all time. There's even an introduction by iconic Elmore Leonard, where he credits Heinz as being one of his mentors. The book, written inis basically the life in the training camp of a fighter professional novel writer Eddie Brown, who after a long boxing career, is finally getting a shot at a world's title.

His crusty manager Doc Carroll has been around boxing forever, but Eddie Brown is Doc's last shot at achieving immortality in a sport Doc so obviously detests. Eddie seems to like everyone and Doc trusts no one, which makes for some interesting discourses concerning the professional novel writer workings of a sport that has been run by crooks and thieves since the start of the 20th Century.

The book is written from the third person view point of sportswriter Frank Hughes, who accompanies Eddie to training camp, trying to grasp the essence of a boxer's life while he's preparing for the biggest moment in his life. Frank is no more than a fly on the wall, trying to help out Eddie and Doc, but at the same time keeping a detachment that will make his magazine article impartial and true.

The professional is a must read for boxing fans, but those who don't really care for the sport can enjoy this book too, firm in the knowledge that W. Heinz is right on the mark with his observations about a slimy sport that has not changed much from when this book was written 52 years ago.

I'd never heard of him. For some reason, I resonated to the guy's life and attitude toward living. NYTimes obits are good at conveying the person and not merely the dry fact about his or her life. In addition to war writing and sports coverage, Heinz wrote three novels and was a "with" writer of an autobiography.

The autobio was "Run for Daylight," with Vince Lombardi, which I was familiar with, but had never read. As for the novels, one was about a professional boxer "The Professional"one was about a surgeon "The Surgeon" and the third one he wrote with a chap who'd been an army doctor in the Korean Conflict in the early s.

Leonard said that Heinz set him on the track of giving each character an individual voice, a distinctive way of thinking and conveying his thoughts.

Part vocabulary, part personality, part world view, part artful use of language. I had this in mind when I read "The Professional," and the experience was enriching.

The story was a simple one as far as plot was concerned, reminding me of John Hawkes and Marilyne Robinson -- just describing life as it is. Yet, the interplay among the characters made the book hard to put down.

And at the end, a championship fight, my heart was pounding so loudly for the last 10 or 15 pages that I was afraid it's beating would awake Carol, who'd fallen asleep next to me. The book it out of print and not in the MCPL.

I found my copy in the Evansville Public Library.

professional novel writer

A book so good that I'm sure I'll read it again some day. I liked it so much I went on to read other Heinz books, and reviews of those to follow.Write a novel in a month! Track your progress.

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The Professional by W.C. Heinz