London probation trust business plan

By far the largest branch and operating close to all the key players in our national political life, both she and the branch were always likely to be heavily involved in the fight against TR, but it was obvious from the start there were considerable tensions between the branch and Napo HQ. I would say yet another example of ineffective leadership at the top of the union in being able to knock heads together, agree a strategy and exert line management of the General Secretary. A strong character who undoubtedly rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way, Pat is going to be a very hard act to follow and we would all do well to reflect on what she has to say. My thanks to the colleague for sending me a copy of her valedictory report delivered on Friday in the presence of both Ian Lawrence and Dean Rogers.

London probation trust business plan

Working for the probation service What do Probation staff do? Probation staff oversee and work with offenders either released from prison on licence or serving community sentences, with a view to reducing reoffending and protecting the public. There are currently 35 Probation Trusts spread across England and Wales.

You might work in a 'field team', preparing court reports to inform sentencing decisions and supervising offenders in the community. Probation officers tend to work with offenders who are at higher risk of harm and reoffending than those Probation services officers work with.

Both roles require in-service training and qualification. A bespoke Community justice honours degree or graduate diploma for those with a relevant degree combined with a level 5 vocational diploma is required to apply for Probation officer posts.

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A level 3 diploma in probation practice is required to qualify as a Probation services officer. Case administrators Case Administrators have a significant role to play in offender management. Their core duties include: Providing the first point of contact for offenders, colleagues and other agencies on behalf of offender managers Undertaking administrative arrangements for sentence planning and implementation Generating management information and reports as required.

london probation trust business plan

There are also a range of management, business and administrative roles. Access to Probation Qualifications The Probation qualifications framework now provides work-based pathways to for Case administrators, Probation services officers and Probation officers.

Further information can be found on local Probation Trust websites or on the Probation training Midlands consortium website Where do I find out about vacancies?

london probation trust business plan

Vacancies are generally advertised on local Probation Trust websites. To find out if there are currently vacancies in your area, visit your local Probation Trust website.

Monday, 30 January Contact.London Probation Trust works with offenders aged 18 and over who have been either sentenced by the courts to a Community Order or Suspended Sentence Order, or Released on licence from prison to serve the rest of their sentence in the community.

Inner London allowance Life in London can be expensive. So, if you're working in Central London postal districts, we'll give you an annual payment of £4, (pro-rata if you're part-time) to help with the extra costs of life in the capital.

The Bridge Renewal Trust Business Plan Page 1 of 34 APPENDIX Business Plan for The Bridge Renewal Trust June - March The Bridge Renewal Trust Business Plan Page 2 of 34 Contents 1.

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Vision, Goals and Objectives 3 2. The Context London (“the Area of Benefit”); and. Activist - London. Jobs, companies, people, and articles for LinkedIn’s Activist - London members Business Manager, Adult Services (Camden) at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust.

Probation Officer at London Probation Trust. Company placeholder image. Learn about London Probation Trust, including insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and vacation policy.

Benefits information above is provided anonymously by current and former London Probation Trust employees, and may include a summary provided by the employer.

Omnishambles Update 17 Cheeky Serco are requesting assistance from staff at London Probation Trust to help them update the Delius record system, their backlog of CP DELIUS contact entries that should have been cleared by them by the 30/08 in accordance with their Business continuity plan.

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