Informative speech nfl concussions

Concussions and their potential long-term effects are a serious public health problem and an important issue facing football, many other sports and our military. For that reason, the NFL has been on the front lines supporting research, changing the rules of the sport, engaging in partnerships with the military, NCAA, CDC and others, advocating for sport safety legislation and promoting concussion awareness all in an effort to make sports safer. And we will not sit on the sidelines in the face of irresponsible reporting on these important issues.

Informative speech nfl concussions

Sport Science Institute Concussion Timeline A history of NCAA decisions intended to help protect college athletes from serious injuries, including those that can cause a concussion. To address the number of catastrophic injuries in college football, a joint committee approves nearly 30 changes to the playing rules, with most intended to remove brutality and to change the character of the game in a positive way.

It would become the fundamental text used by athletics trainers through the s. Also, the snapper is protected and may not be contacted for one second after snapping the ball.

Football Players and Concussions: Prevention, Effects, and More

More emphasis is placed on eliminating hits on defenseless players and blows to the head. No player is permitted to initiate contact and target an opponent with the crown of his helmet, and no player is permitted to initiate contact and target a defenseless opponent above the shoulders.

By rule, a player that loses his helmet must not continue to participate and that player may not be contacted by the opposition. This action is now illegal and the receiving team is not allowed to leap over a blocker.

Informative speech nfl concussions

The disqualification is subject to instant replay in games where it is available. Further clarification was made to only allow these blocks where allowed when they occur from the front of the player who is being blocked.

Winners of the education and research challenge will be recognized and have the opportunity to present their projects which address changing the culture of concussion reporting and management.Mar 24,  · The NFL released today the following response by Joe Lockhart, NFL Executive Vice President -- Communications, to the New York Times story regarding concussion research.

Running head: CONCUSSIONS IN THE NFL 1 Speech Three: Concussions in the NFL Joshua Hammack Missouri State University Speech Three: Concussions in the NFL Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about concussions and how they are affecting the National Football League (NFL).

Central Idea: Concussions involve a blow to the head, and the NFL is taking steps to try and make the game %(6). Nov 04,  · How can i turn concussions in the NFL into a good persuasive speech?Status: Resolved.

Concussions in Sports

NFL Concussions and Their Long-Term Effects. On May 2, , the National Football League lost one of its elite players to suicide: Junior Seau.

Seau played for the Chargers, Dolphins, and the Patriots during his professional football career and was a time Pro Bowler before retiring in Informative Speech Outline. Introduction A. WebMD talks about the seriousness of concussion, especially in those who play football.


Boston; author, Concussions and Our Kids. News release, National Football League. Informative Speech on Concussions Symptoms Affects persons cognitive, emotional, & social functioning Physical: Headaches, nausea, fatigue, & dizziness.

Informative speech nfl concussions
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