A review of the music man a musical by meredith willson

Coming at a time where film musicals were less and less popular, The Music Man was critically acclaimed, and one of the biggest hits of the year. Five years ago, the film was selected by the National Film Registry to be preserved in the Library of Congress, and now Warner Brothers Home Video has released a newly restored version of the film on Blu-ray disc. When he arrives in River City, Iowa, his scheme goes into effect, with the help of his associate Marcellus Buddy Hackettconvincing the town that an all-boys marching brass band would be just the thing to keep the youth out of trouble. As the town is lulled into a sense of purpose, Hill tries to win over Marian's affections, to no avail.

A review of the music man a musical by meredith willson

The concept is not as quite as novel as you might think. This visit to River City, Iowa, retains all the nostalgic charm of the original, but asks us to experience it in a slightly different context.

A review of the music man a musical by meredith willson

They were mostly formed by freed slaves looking to begin new lives in the heartland after the Civil War. But that's where the re-imagining ends. The rest is more interpretation — both from audience and actors.

The musical has been strategically streamlined for a cast of 11 and an onstage musical ensemble of seven. Zaneeta Shinn and Tommy Djilas appear to have left town ye gods!

Fast-talking salesman Harold Hill is played with a slick charm by Isaiah Johnson, his scarlet vest and bow tie setting him apart as a rabble rousing Troublemaker. That's Troublemaker with a capital 'T'.

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Marian, the prim but spunky librarian who falls under his spell, is portrayed by Stephanie Umoh. Her warm, dulcet tones more than do justice to the show's classic songs.

A review of the music man a musical by meredith willson

If nothing else, this concert staging allows Willson's grand and glorious score to take center stage — musically and literally.

One can't help but hope that director Robert O'Hara and his creative staff are allowed to take this visceral re-imagining to the next level: Reviewed by Michael T.Meredith Willson was born in Mason City, Iowa, in He learned to play the flute professionally enough to be part of the John Philip Sousa Band and the New York Philharmonic.

He was musical director for many radio programs, and composed scores for "The Great Dictator" and "The Little Foxes.

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Meredith Willson's THE MUSIC MAN has book, music, and lyrics by Meredith Willson with a story by Mr. Willson and Franklin Lacey. “Feore is both delivering the kind of “Music Man” that can attract 1, people or more to the Festival Theatre — her own choreography is richly engaging and plenty showy and, on the surface, the show checks every box that any Ontarian might wish — while also emphasizing the radical ideas that lie at the core of Meredith Willson’s musical.

The musical version, by Music Man composer Meredith Willson, debuted in and was titled Here’s Love.

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Receiving mixed reviews on Broadway, the musical languished in the vaults for a while, before regional revivals cropped up in the ’s.

Book, music & lyrics by Meredith Willson ; story by Meredith Willson & Frank Lacey. Orchestrations by Don Walker, Ray & Michael Heindorf, Frank Comstock, Gus . Jul 10,  · Rock Island ('The Music Man' - Meredith Willson) In reply to jrdu • Jul 4, One of the most astonishingly graphic vocal (almost musical monotone) portrayals or a real-time event ever written, in this case a moving steam-train.

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